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5000 leva is still the minimum capital to register an OOD

Submitted on Friday, 7 November 2008No Comment

5000 leva remains the minimum capital to register an OOD, decided the deputees after voting over a second reading of changes in the Trading laws, proposed by Martin Dimitrov from ODS.

According to Dimitrov’s text, which was not approved, the minimum capital to register an OOD was to be lowered 10 times – from 5000 leva to 500 leva. The proposal was supported by the legal committee. Against the lowering of the minimum was Ognian Gerdzhikov.

The parliament will vote, however, about the proposal of paying in 35% when adding a corporation to the trade register. The requirement right now is 75%.

Another proposal of Dimitrov was also rejected – he proposed lowering the minimum amount of capital of a joint-stock company from 50 00 leva to 5000 leva.

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