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Bulgaria will have a second Sunny beach

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Bulgaria will have a second Sunny beach

A new elite complex will appear between Sozopol and Chernomoretz. The elite resort will have it’s own villas, golf fields, aquapark and a runway.

Investors are also interested in the small islands in the region.

The mayor of Sozopol Rumen Alexandrov presented the projects as parts of the new urban planning.

The new villa complexes will consist of small buildings and a tourism farms, combining the opportunities for ecological, ethnological and seaside tourism.

Part of the teritory is protected by law and won’t be touched. Projects will be realized on the territory of the previous camping sites Gradina and Kavatsi. The aquapark will be built there, too.

The plan has already passed public discussion. Critique is mainly aimed at the new construction sites. The concepts for the future urban planning of Sozopol will be soon presented. According to plans, the citizens of the resort should be no more than 150 000.