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A Bulgarian success in robotics

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A Bulgarian success in robotics

The professor Alexander Stoichev from the national university in Iowa believes that personal robots will soon enter the life of each person.

The team of the Bulgarian scientist works on technologies that will give robots the movements suitable in real life.

Very soon we will have household robots, says Stoichev in the university website. The team expects the first “killer” application to help that come true. The interest of Stoichev in robots began on the day he watched “Star Wars”. At the time, the professor was a student in third grade in Bulgaria, but the two robots in the movie – R2-D2 and C-3PO left a lasting impression.

People understood that it is not realistic to program robots to be capable of every task. Thus we seek a human-like model, says Stoichev. A man is not born knowing everything.

The acquisition of skills takes a long time, says the professor. Stoichev and his students develop a software that will teach the robot to use various tools. The university website shows a picture of the robot with a metallic arm. He uses it to play with a hockey stick with precision.

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