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Albena Danailova – first violin in the Vienna Philharmonic

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Albena Danailova – first violin in the Vienna Philharmonic

The Bulgarian Albena Danailova became the first woman to play first violin in the Orchestra of the renowned Vienna State Opera.

The Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, in which the masters of the Vienna Philharmonic play, is known not only for it’s unique music performance, but also for consisting mostly of men.

That’s why the decision of the Vienna State Opera to take a woman concert master in the Orchestra caused a small sensation in the world of classical music. This immediately sparkled doubts that she was chosen solely for being a woman. Albena commented this way:

“Above all I feel that I was given a wonderful place, in one of the best orchestras in the worldwide. And that place was given to me as a professionalist. For me, being a man or a woman is of no meaning and I think I wouldn’t have been given this opportunity just for being female.”

Thriteen candidates were in the final round for the vacant place of a concert master in the Vienna Philharmonic, after the retirement of the violinist Verner Hink.