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Bulgarian young people have better life

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Bulgarian young people have better life

There is a significant progress in all realms of the life of young people in Bulgaria, reports the National Agency of Youth and Sport. According to the analysis of the data, the quality of life of Bulgarian young people is raising. There is an increased consummation, improving of their financial status and successful realisation on the labour market.

At the moment Bulgaria is below the average European unemployment index. If the Roma factor is isolated (it includes mostly young Roma people with no education or qualification who are practically illiterate and cannot be inscribed on the labour market; they are approximately 14% of Bulgarian young men), than Bulgaria is among the countries in the EU with smallest unemployment of young people.

The unemployed people with university education are significantly less than before. At the moment about a half of Bulgarian youth affords to go at sea (previous years they were only about 1/3).

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