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Bulgarians care more about nature

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Bulgarians care more about nature

Bulgarian citizens have become more and more concerned about preserving nature in their country. In a research held by ‘Alfa Research’ and ‘WWF’, the majority of the 990 participants – 74% – pointed out that Bulgaria ecology’s largest problem is the destruction of forests. Illegal construction of new buildings and the pollution in Sofia have been named to be other really serious problems.

The programming director of WWF Bulgaria Veselina Kavrakova said that the survey showed Bulgarians have become intolerable towards the government’s negligence of the environment.
Now more than 80% of the population support eco-activities’ efforts to stop the illegal building-up of the seaside and the protected territories.

The percentage of people disapproving building new hotels, ski tracks and sports utilities have grown from 51.5 in 2006 to 71.5 now. Around 77% of the Bulgarians believe the state doesn’t take enough care about the country’s nature.

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