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Bulgarians created the longest Alpine trolley in the world

Submitted on Thursday, 5 February 2009No Comment
Bulgarians created the longest Alpine trolley in the world

Bulgaria got in the Guiness records with the longest Alpine trolley in the world. The successful idea belongs to Stefan Simovski and Daniel Stefanov, creators of the climbing wall in the City Center Sofia.

The young men realized their project in September, but had to wait several months for the approval of the documents.

The record setting trolley is 1550 metres long. Stefan and Daniel chose to connect the peaks Maliovitza and Orlovets. The distance between them in a straight line is exactly 1550 m.

The entire “Do You Dare” team – all of them mountaineers and friends of Stefan and Daniel – participated in the construction. They ordered two F11 ropes, each 1750 m. long. The physicist Kiril Djivdjanov also helped the calculations.

The construction of the trolley took several days. To fulfil Guiness criteria, they installed the ropes a little below the peak Maliovitza, and put the starting point even lower.