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Business meeting for the culture tourism at the seaside

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Business meeting for the culture tourism at the seaside

The opportunities to add culture-related entertainment in the summer tourism season were discussed at a round table in St. Vlas by the vice-minister of foreign affairs Milen Keremedchiev and the director of the National history museum Bozhidar Dimitrov, tour operators and hotel owners.

The business meeting on May 1st coincided with the opening of the tourist season of the hotel “Marina Dinevi”.

Milen Keremedchiev clarified to tour operators and hotel owners the visa politics of Bulgaria as an EU member and answered their questions.

At the round table, Bozhidar Dimitrov and Yordan Dinev discussed the new aspects of the initiative they began last year – the change in philosophy of the Bulgarian tourism from standard entertainment to a culture and history-related tourism, similar to the Greek and Italian tourism strategy.