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Grisha Ganchev makes golf fields near Shabla

Submitted on Saturday, 31 January 2009No Comment
Grisha Ganchev makes golf fields near Shabla

The businessman will act in cooperation with the municipality of Shabla through his shareholding “Litex Bulgaria golf” club. They will form a new company, named “Shabla golf – Ezerets”.

This was decided yesterday by the municipal councillors in Shabla. The goal of the newly formed company is to build a golf terrain near the village Ezerets in the region of Shabla. The municipality will give a terrain, whose price will be 35% of the capitals of the holding.

This way the municipality will be a partner of the holding and profit, comment specialists. The headquarters of the company will be the Town Hall of Shabla. The news comes days after the announcement of the prime minister Stanishev that he will create a working group that will strive to improve the sport tourism in Bulgaria.