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If someone has to reimburse us – it’s “Gazprom”

Submitted on Friday, 6 March 2009No Comment

When asked by Marin Dimitrov from the democratic party ODS “What are the reimbursements for Bulgaria for the stopped gas shipments of “Gazprom””, the minister of energetics Petar Dimitrov answered that “there is a contract, which the Bulgarian side abided to, and the Russian side violated, and thus Bulgaria suffered multimilion losses”.

Petar Dimitrov also expressed his disappointment that none of the contracts between the Russian company and European consumers don’t have a clause for compensations, “and because of that we want pre-negotiations to have the rights for such”.

The minister repeated the data from the estimated results of the losses for Bulgaria from the gas crisis – 456 milion leva, not counting the losses for the national budget.

“The losses for “Bulgargaz” are over 66 million leva”, added he.

“We think that it’s “Gazprom” that has to take responsibility for the losses”, said minister Dimitrov, but added that there isn’t a formal juridical basis for this claim.

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