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Only the national museums work during the holidays

Submitted on Sunday, 3 May 2009No Comment
Only the national museums work during the holidays

The national museums that are under the direct supervision of the Ministry of culture will be working during the holidays, said the vice-minister of culture Ivan Tokadzhiev after he was asked by journalists if the important cultural sites in Sofia will be closed during the long string of holidays in May. The Ministry of culture isn’t the employer of the municipality museums and can not give them direct orders, but we’ve suggested that they work during the holidays, explained Tokadzhiev. “For example, the museum in Sozopol is working. They just called me and we discussed the expected exposition of the jewels of Nessebar,” explained the vice-minister. “I’m convinced that 80% of the galleries will be working. I don’t think that any manager of a culture-related building will close it down during the holidays”.