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Revision of the posts in BNB

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Revision of the posts in BNB

During their meeting, the parliamentary budget commission decided to dismiss Nikolay Nenovski from his posts as an assistant-manager of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) and leader of the “Emission” department.

The members of the budget and finance commission approved of the proposal for the dismission of Nenovski with 15 votes “for”, 2 votes “against” and 2 “abstained”.

The decision of the commission will soon be introduced to the Parliament for review.

The motive was that Nenovski was chosen for the post before the end of the mandate of his predecessor, Tsvetan Manchev. According to law, the mandate of Manchev ends on October 22nd 2009, while Nenovski was chosen on May 29th 2009.

The deputee of GERB Menda Stoyanova, who introduced the dismissal proposal to the commission, also noted that the current manager of BNB Ivan Iskrov was chosen for another mandate in the same manner.

The National assembly still has to vote on the commission proposal. If the parliament revokes the decision taken on May 29th 2009, the manager of BNB has seven days to propose another person for an assistant-manager.

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