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The heating systems of Sofia might enter the energy holding

Submitted on Tuesday, 25 November 2008No Comment

The Ministry of economics and energetics (MIE) are thinking over the possibility of pushing the heating company of Bulgaria’s capital “Toplofikatsia Sofia” in the structures of the “Bulgarian energy holding” (BEH), wrote the newspaper Monitor in it’s latest issue, citing Mediapool.

The idea was discussed with the consultant of the megaholding “Deloit Bulgaria”, but wheter it will be realized or not depends on the end of the “saga” with the transition of the municipality stock shares of 58% to the government, which is the other owner.

The press center of the MIE confirmed that different possibilities are analyzed right now, and they aim to find an immediate restoration of the association and assurance of the safety of their services. According to informed sources, this business move could strengthen the association, that has nearly 200 million leva debts to “Bulgargas”, which is a part of BEH.