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The prices of agricultural lands – up 19 %

Submitted on Thursday, 13 November 2008No Comment

The prices of agricultural lands in Bulgaria has increased with 19% in 2007. That was the estimate of the minister of agriculture and foods Valery Tsvetanov , stated during the opening of the conference “Investments in agricultural lands”.

“The parcels of agrarian land in Bulgaria are very stable assets, especially considering that over 80 % of them are ecologically clean. In a long-term plan, the prices of these lands will not lower”, commented Kamen Kolchev, chairman of SD of “Elana property management”.

“Right now the prices are slowing down, but cheapening will not happen”, he added.

On the other hand, minister Tsvetanov commented, that we should start looking at the territory as a whole. “The reforms in Bulgaria took a wrong direction, and now we must aim to consolidate the land. Two projects in that trend are already over. The first was a partnership between Bulgaria and the Netherlands worth 900 thousand leva. During it’s course, 559 properties were consolidated into 220. The other is a partnership between France and Bulgaria, worth 180 thousand leva. Another four projects in the Vidin municipality are not yet completed”.

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