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The winter is departing

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The winter is departing

Ornithologists from the ecology center “Poda” informed that fifteen white storks flew to Burgas despite the strong winds. They are the first migrating guests for this year, and their coming usually marks the end of the winter and the coming of the spring.

The first stork couples that make nests near Burgas have already arrived.

Dimo Dimchev – manager of the ecology center “Poda” commented: “It’s a known fact that the region over Burgas and the nearby lakes is a very narrow front for bird migration and 75% of the European population of white storks pass through here. These are nearly 250 thousand birds.”

After the expected warming, the main group of storks will arrive, informed scientists. The white stork usually spends the winter in South Africa, and flies nearly 15 000 km. to Europe to mate in the spring.