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Unique excavations by archeologists in Burgas

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Unique excavations by archeologists in Burgas

The team of archeologists lead by Tsonia Drazheva, director of the Burgas museum and Milen Nikolov made exceptional new findings in the stronghold “Rusokastron” by the village Rusokastro. They show, that the ancient stronghold was of exceptional importance both in V-IX century and the latter years of the bulgarian kingdom. Valuable coins, weapons and everyday items were found, as well as the burial sites of a woman and a child. This all speaks of the bustling life within the stronghold’s walls.

Unfortunatelly, the actions during the military drills “Shtit 82” destroyed the uppermost layers of the ancient history of Rusokastron. This is the third year of the excavations, financed by a program for temporary employment of the Kameno municipality and the “Rusokastron” foundation. The stronghold is three kilometres away to the north from the village with the same name in the Kameno municipality. It is built on a high cliff in the centre of a huge valley. It was erected 1500 years ago on a uniquely high place – the natural phenomenon guaranteeing a strategic position of the stronghold.