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Unique exhibition of the Bulgarian alphabet

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Unique exhibition of the Bulgarian alphabet

A unique exhibition dedicated to the Day of Bulgarian enlightment and culture opens today in Sliven.

The exposition, initiative of the “International Triennial of Stage Poster”, is called “ABV – poster” and consists of posters made by artists from different countries and continents. There are 30 posters, as many as the letters in the Bulgarian alphabet. Each artist made one poster – letter, which was given to him with a lottery during the Fifth triennial in October 2007.

One of the letters – “Р¬”, was created through a contest between young Bulgarian art students. More than 60 projects were sent for the contest.

The exhibition unites the efforts of 30 artists from 20 different countries. The posters are dedicated to Bulgaria and it’s culture through the lens of the uniqueness and variety of the Bulgarian alphabet – one of the three scripts of Europe.