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Universities should serve their primary purpose – teaching

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Universities should serve their primary purpose – teaching

Universities should serve their primary purpose in society and that is teaching. They should be free of any sort of bureaucracy, even if it concerns renovation of the university buildings, the campaign of candidate-students or accommodation in the campus.

This was stated by Detelina Smilkova, vice-president of the University of insurance and finances (VUZF) in an interview for

“These are purely business matters, which should be governed by a separate institution”, says Smilkova.

“When this activity is concentrated in one place, we’ll evade the complications that happened in VUZF. Our personal experience taught us that this would be the best way to deal with problems”, added she.

The article also offered substantial research on the problematic student crediting, the alternatives between private and national higher education, the system of the student campuses, etc.

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