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Vacation complex grabs the “Building of the year” prize

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The vacation complex “St. Toma” on the Cape Humata near Arkutino was pronounced by the jury the “Building of the year” and prize winner in the category “Vacation complex of the year”.

The jury decided that the architectural appearance of traditional architecture from Sozopol complements the environment. The decisions of the makers were made with regard to nature and the infrastructure of the complex – own water pipes, sewers and local water purifier guarantee the safety of nature.

The complex denies entry of automobiles.

The organizers of the competition gave recognition to the energy-effective decisions in buildings with the special award “Energy-effective building of the year”. The “Office of energy companies” won this prize, along with the “Social buildings with business purposes” award.

The residential building “Jaclyn” in Sofia won the internet vote for “Building of the audience” and the prize for “Residential buildings and complexes”.

The special award for “Massive project that retains harmony and integrity with the environment” was given to “Club House Black Sea Rama” in Balchik and their investor, “Black Sea Rama” AD.

The jury of the national competition encouraged investments in buildings that serve society as places for sport and cultural events, giving the prize for “Attractions and sports halls” to the Multifunctional sports hall of Samokov.

The efforts to keep the traditional Bulgarian architecture were recognized with the prize for “Vacation hotel of the year”, given to Park hotel “Pirin” (Sandanski).

The modern image of a hotel in the city – “Metropolitan hotel Sofia” – won in the “City hotels” category.

The trading showroom / autocentre “Overdrive” in the village Gorni Lozen became “Trading building of the year”. The new logistics warehouse of “Sopharma” AD was pronounced “Productional building of 2008” for it’s technological advances and inovations in specialized grounds.

All three buildings that applied for the category “Buildings with special purpose” won a prize – the protected residential building “Zaedno” (Together) in the village Gurmazovo, the National opera and ballet Sofia and MBAL “St. Ivan Rilski” in Stara Zagora.

80 buildings participated in the national competition “Building of the year”, striving to win the prizes in 9 categories.

The jury emphasized on the modern outlook and national tradition, the harmony with nature, the ecological requirements and the energy effectiveness as key to the development of the sector for the next few years.

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