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Varna will have an underwater museum

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Varna will have an underwater museum

In 2010, an attractive museum will open doors in Varna. The international regatta “Tall Ships – Historical Seas” will berth in the Seaside station. Thus the city will become one of the few European cities with an underwater museum. It will be located inside the submarine “Nadejda” (Hope), which the Ministry of defense gave to the municipality of Varna.

The idea for the museum belongs to the chairman of the municipality council Borislav Gutsanov. “The municipality now has a military unit – a submarine. Naturally, we will provide finances for it’s renovation with the next budget. All of it’s warfare machinery will be removed for safety”, explains Gutsanov.

“Bulgaria owes a lot to the brave men who served in the submarines. We should show accurately the working conditions and the environment they lived in”, says rear admiral Plamen Manushev, commander-in-chief of the Bulgarian naval forces.

Visitors of the unique museum will feel like true submarine crewmen. The goal is to restore the interior of the submarine. Special training grounds will also be provided for tourists. “The periscope has been removed and will be returned when the submarine is opened as a museum. Our idea is to recreate each section of the submarine and re-enact the activities of each”, explained the chairman of the municipality council.