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Veliko Tarnovo popular among tourists

Submitted on Monday, 6 April 2009No Comment
Veliko Tarnovo popular among tourists

The newspaper “Yantra Today” claimed that 32 090 tourists have visited the cultural and historic sights of Veliko Tarnovo during the first three months of this year.

“There is no shortage of tourists compared to previous years, even if we had a difficult winter and road issues”, commented Sonya Petrova, representative from the Regional history museum.

Compared to previous years, the first three months of 2009 saw 803 more tourists in Veliko Tarnovo compared to last year and 2286 more tourists compared to the same period in 2007.

During the last year, the number of total tourists that visited the city was 302 200, which was a record setting number. The guests of the ancient capital of Bulgaria were 71 thousand more than in 2007.