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Winslow Developments “grew” into Winslow Group

Submitted on Thursday, 18 December 2008No Comment

Winslow Developments became a part of the newly created Winslow Group, announced the company that invests in the estate business.

The re-structuring was needed because of the division in independent teams that focus their efforts in different directions of the new company’s activities.

“We focus primarily on new projects, we are more interested in agriculture and energetics, and we develop the “property management” services”, clarify company representatives.

They hope that their new name will make them more recognizeable and will strengthen their positions in the market.

Winslow Group includes Winslow Developments, Winslow Property Management, Winslow Agro Fund and Winslow Energy.

Winslow Group is an investment company with English shares that invests in projects realted to resorts and residential estates, agriculture and energetics.