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172nd anniversary of the birth of Vasil Levski

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172nd anniversary of the birth of Vasil Levski

Vasil Levski (Vasil Ivanov Kunchev) was born on July 18th (July 6th according to the old style) 1837 in the city Karlovo, in the family of Ivan Kunchev Ivanov and Gina Vasileva Karaivanova.

He had two brothers – Hristo and Petar, and two sisters – Anna and Mariika.

Vasil Levski, also known as the Deacon, the Apostle, the Main scribe, Tropcho, Efendi Aslan Dervishoogu, V. Lesvskii, Dragoicho, Deacon Ignatii and other names is among the main ideologists and organizers of the Bulgarian national revolution, founder of the Internal revolution committee (VRO) and the Bulgarian revolutionary central committee (BRCK).

The official commemoration of the 172nd anniversary of the birth of the Apostle of freedom will take place at 11:00 o’clock in front of the monument of Vasil Levski in Borisov’s garden. The municipality of Sofia, the Bulgarian committee “Vasil Levski” and it’s branch in Sofia are the main organizers of the event.

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