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4 million for a flooded village near Botevgrad

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4 million for a flooded village near Botevgrad

The government will provide about 4 000 000 leva to restore the damage inflicted by the flood in village Trudovetz, in the vicinity of Botevgrad city.

This was the announcement of the vice-minister of regional development and public utilities Dimcho Mihalevski during an operative session in the municipality, cited by the website

He also informed, that the projects for the construction of bridges above the rivers Chernish, Kasitsa and Kalnitsa, of defensive dikes and of the restoration of the ruined by the flood roads, are already complete.

By the end of the year the executives for the projects will be determined, and during the first half of 2009 the restorative activities should be finalized, added the vice-minister.

Mihalevski pointed out that the reasons for the slowing down of restoration projects are ensuring the financial resource and the project development process itself, which had to keep in mind the risks of repeated floods in the village.

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