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A unique chariot found near Karanovo

Submitted on Saturday, 22 November 2008No Comment
A unique chariot found near Karanovo

A unique Thracian chariot, richly adorned with silver, was found near the village Karanovo by an archaeological team from the Regional museum in the city Nova Zagora.

The valuable find was buried in the middle of a hill. It’s condition is good. The diameter of each of the wheels of the chariot is 1 m. 20 cm. Clear traces of wood and leather can be found on it’s surface. The chariot is beautifully and richly adorned, with images of silver-plated mythical creatures made of bronze.

The chariot will remain in the possession of the Regional museum in Nova Zagora. The archaeologist that found the chariot – Veselin Ignatov – plans to create a special museum, that will display all chariots found in the Nova Zagora region.