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Airport ‘Sofia’ – already with a 3A category

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Airport ‘Sofia’ – already with a 3A category

Airport ‘Sofia’ already owns a 3A category, which means that the airplanes can land in the conditions of a mist with visibility of 200 meters, said the minister of transport Peter Mutafchiev after the presentation of the copy of the military airplane ‘Albatross F2′ in the village Chernogorovo.

After the finishing of the reconstruction of airport ‘Sofia’, it owned a first category. That means that the landing of the airplanes could be done in conditions of 550 meters visibility. The acquiring of higher category was frustrated by the large number of misty days on the airport.

The minister said that the next step is acquiring a 3B category. Only ten airports in Europe own it. For the purpose the road to the airport has to be changed.

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