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Boiko Borisov may enter VIP Brother

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Boiko Borisov may enter VIP Brother

The other VIP Brother participants await him in the house. Other theories include him showing up on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”.

Boiko Borisov, current mayor of Sofia, may enter the show “VIP Brother”. The headquarters of the show did not deny the possibility of that happening, but they don’t have concrete dates for the attendance of the mayor and wouldn’t tell of his possible role in the show – to either go inisde the House, or participate from within the studio.

According to media speculation, the mayor decided to show up in Nova TV because they were getting jealous of his visit to the competing bTV and their “Music Idol” competition. Reports reveal a huge spike of interest in the show when the mayor of Sofia showed up.

The other theory is that Borisov will take a seat in the “Who wants to be a millionaire?” competition, facing the history professor Bozhidar Dimitrov in a charity competition. Later on, he would take the lead of the show himself.

The true intentions of the mayor are yet unclear.

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