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Bulgarian citizens united for the cause of nature in Rila

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Bulgarian citizens united for the cause of nature in Rila

Fifty people from all across Bulgaria will participate in the national strategic meeting for the campaign for Rila between March 1st – 3rd in Veliko Tarnovo.

This is the third strategic meeting during the two year long citizen campaign for saving the mountain Rila from illegal skiing resorts. The cause united hundreds of Bulgarian citizens into serious activity.

The campaign also got the signed approval of over 170 000 people, as well as many deputees in the European parliament. The meeting is organized by the informal citizen group “Citizens for Rila”, under the EU project ‘For Earth”. The European project encourages the empowering of citizens through the strengthening of the campaign of saving the wild nature of Bulgaria, financed by the Swiss foundation Terre Humaine.

The goal of the strategic meeting is to analyse the achieved successes of the Rila campaign and the assessment of the current situation to determine the long term goals and activities of 2009.

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