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Dobri Dobrev – 110 years since the birth of the artist

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Dobri Dobrev – 110 years since the birth of the artist

The exhibition of Dobri Dobrev works in the Sofia art gallery is dedicated to thr 110th anniversary of the artist’s birth. The exposition includes landscapes, portraits, everyday life scenes, figured compositions and drawings from various stages of his artwork. The paintings are from the collections of the Sofia art gallery, the art gallery of Sliven, and the family of the artist.

Dobri Dobrev is among the names in Bulgarian art, that stay aside from the stormy years of the twentieth century. His evolution as an artist is fluent, gradual, without sharp changes and turns. Despite spending most of his working life in the centre of Europe, among the dynamics of changing trends and directions, he remains indifferent to the 20th century plastic experiments.

The exhibition will be on display between December 19th 2008 and January 18th 2009.