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DPS announces their list for the EU elections

Submitted on Tuesday, 12 May 2009No Comment
DPS announces their list for the EU elections

The political party DPS promise a positive and very tolerant campaign for the EU parliament elections.

At today’s meeting, the Central council of the party approved the official list of 17 candidates for EU members of parliament and the ideology platform that they will defend.

The leader of the list, Filiz Hiusmenova, announced the rest of the candidates for euromembers of parliament. Second and third are the current euromembers of parliament prof. Vladko Panaiotov and Metin Kazak, respectively. They are followed by the chairman of the youth section of DPS Horman Ismailov, the vice-minister of MRRB Iskra Mikhailova and the deputee Nechmi Ali. The former minister of agriculture, Nihat Kabil, ranks 14th.

Hiusmenova called the DPS list “a message to the Bulgarian citizens”, because it shows the synthesis of experience, enthusiasm and ambition of the young people in the list.