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30 000 Bulgarian citizenship applications approved in 2010

Submitted on Sunday, 1 November 200945 Comments
30 000 Bulgarian citizenship applications approved in 2010

At least 30 000 applications for Bulgarian citizenship will be approved each year under amendments to the Act on Bulgarian citizenship, informed minister without portfolio Bozhidar Dimitrov.

19 825 Macedonians, 14 231 Moldavians, 2 185 Russians, 1 743 Ukrainians, 1 825 Serbians, 1 029 Israelis and 456 Albanians have applied for citizenship since 2002. The Agency for Expatriate Bulgarians will have sole authority to issue certificates of nationality to prevent forgery. Prof. Dimitrov gave an interesting example of 250 applications from Moldavians 249 were forged. Apparently these people had been tricked by middlemen. Bulgarian citizens, who lost citizenship prior to WWII, will regain it within six months. Among them are people living in Macedonia, which was part of Bulgarian territory before 1944. The minister added that middlemen charged 5000 euro in Moldova and 10 000 euro in Macedonia to issue certificates of nationality, and these people now live in luxury palaces. They usually put ads in the papers.


  • MM said:

    “Among them are people living in Macedonia, which was part of Bulgarian territory before 1944.”

    Oh, no, you didn’t. 🙂 Well, it’s technicaly true, just like Poland was a part of Germany at the exact same time. 😉

  • Robert said:

    Please give me the names of the agencies which will help me to get the Bulgarian passport.

  • admin (author) said:

    Hello Robert,
    There is no legal way to get a Bulgarian passport if You do not qualify for one. You have to go through the citizenship process.
    If you did read the article, there is the word about those dubious middlemen agents, promising to provide a passport for a hefty amount of money. This is a fraud actually.
    If You mean agencies, which would help you to prepare all the necessary paperwork and go through the whole qualification process, that is a different thing.

  • Taiwo Omoregie said:

    One of the most dificult requirements is passing the Bulgarian text. A Serbian man had told me in 2005 that if you are lucky enough you will get your text result(passed)only if you find ways to bribe those in charge of the exams,this is not fair,its corruption and it should be investigated. I was only told on two occasions that i did not pass,but no results were shown.

  • ganmao said:

    can anyone give me a list of suitable tourist places in Bulgeria (for a tour of ~a week)? I usually look it here:

  • Zex86 said:

    To admin:

    Hi, I entered qualification process sometime in spring 2008.
    There was a middle man but not in a sense that he will charged me with crazy amount of money, I just had to pay for some fees and also I gave him authorisation to do things my interest. All together some 90eur.
    Plus that my mother that have Bulgarian origins, got her Bulgarian citizenship few years earlier using his services.
    But what bothers me is that I can’t check about whole process progress, I contacted Bulgarian embassy here in Belgrade but they said that I have to go to Sofia my self in order to get some information?!
    So any tips or advices about ways to find out more will be most welcome?
    Thanks in advance!

  • george said:

    keep going like this you helping all this countries around yours to go and find a job and make life worsen for EU countries.all of this people are economical refuge they just using your countries to get visa and all they money will go to they countries.Bulgaria will get nothing of this just trouble and chance to be expel from EU.

  • admin (author) said:

    Fact is, many of those people who do apply for Bulgarian citizenship are just looking for a quick and legal way to settle in one of the richer EU countries, in order to find a low-qualified job there or just rely on social support, which is wrong without doubt.
    But that does not mean they actually succeed in this undertaking. All terms for citizenship qualification are clearly stated in the Law for the Bulgarian Citizenship, which I am going to sum up here in a new article very soon. The majority of immigrants from the Third World countries simply do not qualify, and the qualification procedure is very strict, involving the Ministry of Justice and a final decision being taken after months of evaluation and examination.
    The point is, each country is aiming to be attractive for people who are able to contribute to the common wellfare, i.e. educated individuals with language skills and useful job qualification. Bulgaria is no different in this matter. The bad situation with immigrants is a common one for the whole European Union and Bulgaria has to apply to the EU immigration policy.

  • pera said:

    To Admin.
    You said that you have to go through legal processes to get nationality. Well, that is officially. in practise there are lots of middlemen and bureaus that will find for the Buklgarian roots if you pay enough.

  • Taiwo Osaro Omoregie said:

    I totally disagree with admin(author)How do classify those who came to Bulgaria during the communism and are married to Bulgarian nationals. Up to now, has Bulgaria got anything to offer?

  • admin (author) said:

    Obviously, I did have in mind new immigrants reaching out for Bulgarian citizenship at the present and for the future.

    “… those who came to Bulgaria during the communism and are married to Bulgarian nationals …”

    That should mean that one already meets two conditions for Bulgarian citizenship qualification, as stated by the law:
    1) to have lived in Bulgaria long enough (5 years if I remember correctly)
    2) being married to a Bulgarian national

    I would be very surprised if Bulgarian citizenship would have been denied to such a person.

  • Taiwo Osaro Omoregie said:

    Mr author, Its a conning process, too many requirements,13 in all. Before you go for the next dorcument, the ones you already have will expire. Time and money is wasted in this regard. I tried twice until i gave up. 20 years in Bulgaria with 4 children, one in the national handball team,two in thesame team(they play for free) i think i personally deserve a Bulgarian passport. One bad thing is, no matter how you write the language test, you will never get a reasult needless a pass. All i heard on my two exams is you failed, but reasults are never shown. Bulgaria as a member of EU, it still uses the old communist law which is obsolutly not democratic. People from neighboring contries and russia(whites to be candid)do get Bulgarian citizenship, but no black or African like me has ever got one. I’m urging you to help draw government attention to this issues. we are like prisoners here, this is not good for our spouses because they are always treated defferently because of our status.

  • Александър Жак Тaджер said:

    Dear Sir,
    I was born in Sofia in 1942, and lived there for 18 years, then emigrated to Israel after finishing high-school in Sofia (in 1960). When I left I was deprived of my Bulgarian citizenship (not by my choice!). I applied for citizenship a few years ago, including a copy of my Bulgarian birth certificate and my high school diploma, but my request was denied without any explanation. I’ve never had any criminal record in Bulgaria, Israel or any other country. All Bulgarian Jews who left for Israel in 1948-9 are given Bulgarian citizenship upon request, including their children and grand-children who were born in Israel, never been to Bulgaria, and don’t speak Bulgarian. How do you explain that? Somebody told me that anybody who left Bulgaria after a certain date in the 1950s can’t get a Bulgarian citizenship. Is that true?
    I would love to regain my Bulgarian citizenship. What should I do?

    Разбира се че говоря, чета и пиша Български свободно – това ми е майчин език, там живях до 18 годишна възраст и там завърших гимназия. Там се родиха и живяха моите родители, и моите деди няколко поколениа назад, предполагам че няколко стотин години. Не разбирам защо отказаха да ми обновят гражданството. Ще ви бъда благодарен ако ми обясните как ще мога да го получа.

  • Taiwo Osaro Omoregie said:

    Dear Mr Alex, to my own view you are more quallified than the rest of us from third world and have been married for morethan 20 years to Bulgarian nationals. All you need to do is to go to the Bulgarian high commission or embassy in Isreal and try to re-apply or get more information. Bulgaria is a member of the eu since 2007, and i’m sure you will be more considered if you have all other dorcuments to prove that you are a Bulgarian by bith. The dorcuments are thirteen in number, your own should be 12 because you already have something to show for the language.Anything can happen and you shouldn’t be surprise because this country is still swamped with corruption and nepotism. One thing i will advise you is never give money to anyone to help you in this regard, the so called agents are all thieves. You have to apply and run around for yourself. Bulgaria is the only country in the european union that has refused to do away with the old comunist laws and one of the countries in the eu that has refuse to embrase multicultural system after Greece. You are likely to go through hell if you are not white and live in Bulgaria, you have to be Russian, Makedonian, Albenian or a Serbian, you are more likely to get a citizenship if you are from one of the above. Good luck.

  • admin (author) said:

    I didn’t quite get it: you say they denied you citizenship just because of a failed language test, right ?

  • Taiwo Osaro Omoregie said:

    Believe it or not, that was one of the reasons. How can language test been given only in theory, why can’t they test us if we speak or not. Those from eastern europe have almost thesame alphabet and same history, so they always pass. If results are shown, that would have been a defferent issue, i was told on two ocassions when i called that i did not pass. Check out the 13 requirements for citizenship, is it not funny? among the reasons is our inability to bring criminal records from home without considering what it will cost to travel to our countries just because of a list of dorcument. Is there no other ways to find out if we have criminal records or not, ofcouse we have non, why do we have INTERPOL? for how long will Bulgaria continue to keep old comunist laws. Our Bulgarian spouse and children are very dissapointed on how we are being punished or treated for something we deserve.

  • Taiwo Osaro Omoregie said:

    If George has made a good reserch, he would have discovered that Bulgarians are Immigrants everywhere. I have lived and worked in Greece for many years, two of my children were born there. Bulgarian, Albenians including Romanians and people from eastern states are the reason why Greek economy collaps. In Greece we always work and get paid for what our jobs worth including insurance, all this stop when Bulgarians mostly, came and started working for peanuts. Bulgarians will work for 15-25 euro instead of 60 euro in the construction sectors. They will take jobs without contract or insurance. Thesame most of them did in Spain.

  • admin (author) said:


    Щом говорите, четете и пишете свободно, тогава нека да общуваме на Български.

    На сайта на българското Министерство на Външните работи има специален текст относно Израелски граждани, които са родени в България и са я напуснали:

    “Израелските граждани, които са родени в България и са пристигнали в Израел във времето от 28 март 1948 година до 22 ноември 1950 година, или след 1989 година, не са загубили българското си гражданство. Те могат да направят постъпки за получаване на удостоверения за българско гражданство и след това за издаване на български документи за самоличност (паспорт и лична карта).”

    Вие сте напуснали България през 1960 година, което означава, че сте загубили българското си гражданство съгласно въпросния текст. Но това в никакъв случай не означава, че не можете да го възстановите:

    “Възстановяване на българското им гражданство.

    Израелски граждани, които са родени в България и са пристигнали в Израел във времето извън посочените по-горе периоди, могат да започнат процедура по възстановяване на българското им гражданство.”

    Вие сте родени в България, а съгласно ЗАКОНА ЗА БЪЛГАРСКОТО ГРАЖДАНСТВО:

    Раздел I.Придобиване на българско гражданство по произход
    Чл. 10. Български гражданин по месторождение е всяко лице, родено на територията на Република България, ако не придобива друго гражданство по произход.

    Подадохте ли писмена молба до Министерството на Правосъдието ?

  • Taiwo Osaro Omoregie said:

    Amin, always good to read your contributing comments, i hope this will help us in one way or the other. We know we are foreigners and probarbly don’t belong here as most people will say, we are already here and deserve to be happy too just like other immigrants who have found comfort elsewhere in other part of the world. Bulgaria should lessen its policy on immigrants like us. We have lived here almost half of our entire life and deserve to be treated farely. I will not stop pointing fingers at the past government like B.C.P and N.D.C.V who has done nothing to help or recognise our present.

  • Георги Т. said:

    искам да разбера какъв е срока за получаване на вългарско гражданство на хора с български произход.
    Аз съм се родил в СССР 1977 година баща ми е българин, майка ми е рускиня
    От 1978 година живея в българия където съм завършил средно образование.
    2007 година съм подал всички необходими документи за придобиване на българско гражданство по произход тъй като баща ми е българин.
    И имам пълно законно право на българско гражданство.
    Документите са за подпис от 2008 месец март .
    На всяка молба до Министерството на Правосъдието за ускорена процедура получавам отказ по член 8 че нямам достатъчни аргументи за ускорена процедура, което е абсолютен парадокс.
    от 2000 година се намирам във франция и от 2008 година съм без докумети за самоличност

  • admin (author) said:

    Здравейте Георги,

    Прегледах отново закона за Българското гражданство. С последните редакции от 2010 г., срокът от получаването на молбата в Министерството на Правосъдието до отправянето на предложение от страна на Министъра на Правосъдието към Президента на Република България, е увеличен от 3 на 12 месеца за придобиване на гражданство по произход. От закона не става съвсем ясно в какъв срок Президентът следва да издаде указ.

    Във Вашия случай има ли окончателно становище на Министерството на Правосъдието ?

  • detai said:

    Dear Mr admin(Author)

    A friend of my married to a Bulgarian citizen since 1993 with the so called Permanent resident permit, living abroad was asking me since his wife want to file for devorce if by law he can still keep his status as a permanent resident holder in Bulgaria. They have 2 children who are still under age. Will he loose his permit if he seperate though its the woman(Bulgarian) will to seperate?

  • admin (author) said:

    Dear Detai,
    Please clarify:

    Is Your friend just a holder of the so called Permanent Residence Permit ?
    Is he in posession of Bulgarian Citizenship ?

    Because these are two completely different things.

  • detai said:

    No, he has a permit called karta Postoiano prebivavasht like mine.

  • admin (author) said:

    There is no text in Bulgarian law stating that a divorce should present a reason for a person to loose his Bulgarian Permanent Residence Permit.
    I wonder however, why has Your friend not applied for a Bulgarian Citizenship already, but that is his decision of course and he should have his reasons.

  • detai said:

    Ok understood, thanks, i will pass the information to him. The reason he hasn’t applied for a citizenship is because of the language test, he doesn’t live here in Bulgaria and speak almost no Bulgarian. So what i can understand from your information is he probarbly can keep his permit if he is devorced.

  • Георги Т. said:

    da ima dokumentite mi sa za podpis

  • dragan milcev said:

    Dear Admin!

    I have my permanent residence permit based on my Bulgarian origin and I have my permanent residence card.
    Can I keep my Bulgaria permanent residency after being absent from the country for more than 12 months or the residence permit could be deprived?


  • admin (author) said:

    Dear Dragan,
    Bulgarian Law on Foreigners states that one of the reasons for deprivation of permanent residence permit is as quoted in Article 40:

    ” The revoking of the right of stay of a foreigner in the
    Republic of Bulgaria shall be imposed when:
    6) it is established that the foreigner has not stayed on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria during the preceding calendar year for at least 6 months and one day “

  • jassi said:

    I am Jassi. My wife and baby belong to Bulgaria. They have BG passport, but I am from Asia. I have Bulgarian one-year residency permit. But now I am staying with my family in Spain. I apply here for an EU family residency and Spain government has accepted it already. But I want information that in November I have applied for a permanent residency in Bulgaria and immigration authorities told me that they will answer me in February 2011. So now I am worried that now if I apply in Spain, then it means I will loose my PR id in Bulgaria. I can speak perfect Bulgarian language.

  • admin (author) said:

    Dear Jassi,

    I read you have a one-year Residence Permit in Bulgaria. When does it expire ?

  • detai said:

    According to Bulgaria old law, to apply for a permanent resident permit you should first of all have a temporally permit and have been married for not less than 3-5 years. Its becoming more tougher here to apply for a permanent resident that is based on marriage because it has been discovered that most foreigners are using marriage as a pretense to obtain legal stay in Europe. If your one year permit is still valid, i will advice you to visit Bulgaria with your wife, go to the immigration office for further information, better from the horses mouth than rumor.

  • jassi said:

    thanx for the reply
    I have a “lichna karta” valid until the end of August, but my wife has born our baby in September and in behalf of me received my document for permanent residency. Our baby was born in Stara Zagora. So I called the immigration authorities and they told me I have to pay a tax and apply for my personal ID in local court, but i want to stay for longer in Spain, because now I am waiting for my spanish ID, which will be valid for 5 years. So I want to know if I stay in spain more than three months then what I have to do.

  • John said:

    HI, I was born in Bulgaria in 1982, i stayed their until i was 8 years old. My mother was bulgarian. We left for an Arab country. my question is. can i get my Bulgarian citzenship back and obtain my bulgarian passport?

  • admin (author) said:

    Dear John,
    Yes, you can apply for Acqusition of Bulgarian Citizenship by origin as stated in the law:
    “Any person whose one parent least is a Bulgarian citizen …”

    The application has to be done in Bulgarian language to the Minister of Justice.

  • Denis Raykoff said:

    Hola. Tengo interes en saber como puedo conseguir la ciudadania bulgara. Soy hijo de Neno Raykoff, nacido en Vishougrad en 1904, tengo 57 años y naci y vivo en Uruguay, Sud America, pais al cual mi padre emigro. Quiero viajar a Veliko Tarnovo, donde tengo parientes, primos y sus hijos. Mis hijas ya estuvieron en noviembre de 2010 con ellos, y me gustaria quedarme unos meses en Bulgaria, y tramitar mi ciudadania bulgara. Quiero saber si esto es posible, ya que recien 30 años despues de la muerte de mi padre, he encontrado a mi familia. Agradezco el envio de mail con informacion. Denis Raykoff , , Uruguay

  • Dragan Milcev said:

    Dear Admin! You answered my question before, but I have been told that I do not have to reside 6 months and 1 day during a calendar year if I have a permanent resident status.
    Is the law still the same or it has been changed since 2009 when I got my permanent residence status

  • John said:

    my mother does not hold citizenship anymore. but i was born their and lived there until i was 8 years old. from what i understand i can ask for my citizenship to be reinstated as per the Law. And then i can obtain my passport. But also does this mean that if i get my passport/citizenship back i have to go and live in Bulgaria as i do not speak the language anymore.

    Do you now how long this process is taking?

    I understand i have to submit application in bulgarian, supply police clearance from the country i live in now, the country my passport is from and also a bulgarian one. And then submit this with my birth certificate to the ministry of justice.

    Another Question is, how long does it take to obtain citizenship back, once all documents have been submitted to the ministry?


  • admin (author) said:

    Dear John,
    I believe you should be able to reinstate your Bulgarian citizenship on the grounds of birthplace (since you have a bulgarian birth certificate). You do not have to live in Bulgaria, but you should check if the legislation of the country, of which you are a citizen now, does allow having a dual citizenship (being a citizen of multiple countries at the same time).
    Regarding the language speaking: there is a requirement for those who apply for Bulgarian citizenship through naturalization (that is: no bulgarian origin, birthplace) to be able to speak bulgarian language at a certain level, as proved by a certificate. I believe, there is an exam one has to pass. However, since your case is somewhat different – reinstation of citizenship by birthplace – this may not apply to you. I am not certain though, and should investigate the issue further.

  • dil said:

    i have permanent residency of bulgaria.i have family member residency.
    my wife is bulgarian. so if i want travel to germany do i need visa.
    i want travel alone.

  • John said:

    Thanks for the reply. how long does it take to get citizenship back and obtain my passport. As they approved 30,000 in 2010. is their a fast track route that can be taken?

    I have all the paperwork ready and also appointed a lawyer in bulgaria to act as power of atterny and to use as a coresspondance address.


  • julie said:

    Hi John
    My partner is currently just about to go through the same process as you. We were told it can take up to 2yrs to reinstate citizenship but that it would more than likely be one year. However, I have read that it has been known to take as little as 3 months. Can I ask, where did you get the forms that you had to fill out for the Ministry of Justice? Also, could you recommend the lawyer who is acting as your power of attorney in Bulgaria and what you will expect to pay for that service.

  • Shero said:

    My name is Shero … I am originally Kurdish from north of Iraq …

    I live in Bulgaria from 2001 … in 2003 they gave me the status of refuge ( I still have no idea why it took them 2 years for giving me that status )… I had the humanitarian status for a refuge that I have to renew it every 3 years … !!!

    after 5 years from that I had the right to ask for Bulgarian citizenship ! in 2008 I gave all the documents that need ..and until now I have no answer !!! Why ? what is the reason it took so long for some one like me to get a citizenship !!!

    in 2009 I wrote a demand for a faster answer .. because I had a contract with a company ( Double Negative ) for Visual Effects who took the Oscar award this year for best Visual Effects for the movie INCEPTION …

    I am now waiting for unknown date for unsure answer … while the work is waiting for me in the biggest companies in the world but I can’t work with them because I am still refuge and I have no citizenship !!!

    How I can ask for my rights and citizenship !!???

    Just to let you know … I never had a problem in Bulgaria .. there is nothing against me and I never been a problem for Bulgaria … I never took money from Bulgaria or asked for a help .. I always depend on myself and I survived alone .. with work and doing as much as I can from good for this country … But still I have no answer .. !!!


  • Sophia said:

    Hi. Thanks for starting this forum. I have a question relating to the language requirement for the passport application: What are the approved agencies that offer the course and documentation to be included in the application?

    Thanks a lot.

  • lwin moe aung said:

    Dear Sir

    I am from Burma ! In South East Asia . So I want to make Bulgarian Citizenship ! because I loved with Bulgarian young man ! we made in homo love 6 and half years ago! Please how do i am applied the Bulgarian Citizenship ! Please My love , he’s so poor in Bulgaria. in Sofia !I want to marry with him and we try to live in Sofia city !Please Sir , instruct to me how to do apply for Bulgarian Citizenship !

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