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European road safety day in Burgas

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European road safety day in Burgas

October 13 has been announced from the European Commission to be European road safety day, dedicated to the theme ‘For safe motion in our city’. The goal of the preventive initiative in Burgas is to put stress on the problem – car accidents in populated areas.

In the EU countries 2/3 of the heavy accidents cause someone’s death. In Bulgaria this percentage is 40.

The idea of the European road safety day is to attract the attention of all EU citizens, of institutions and non-governmental organizations which have attitude to the problem with road safety.

In Bulgaria and particularly in Burgas the employees from ‘Road Police’ realize many meetings and forums with the children on such subjects, as well as child parties and contests for checking up the knowledge of the youngsters. Preventive materials have been handed out in six Burgas schools with the help of Bulgarian Red Cross, ‘Road Police’ and ‘Bova Kar’.

A part of the initiatives, undertaken by the police in Burgas on occasion European road safety day, will be conducting of active control on the abidance of rules for motion in populated areas. The stress will be put on violations such as high speed, crossing at red traffic lights, taking away a pedestrian’s advantage, incorrect street crossing from pedestrians, driving a car from an incompetent person, usage of alcohol, etc.

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