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Increase of electricity consumption in Sofia

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Increase of electricity consumption in Sofia

“The electricity consumption in Sofia increased with an average of 140 megawats. While the temperatures rise with one degree, the consumption increases between 9 to 12 megawats”, announced Yasen Guev, manager of CEZ-Bulgaria.

An increase of emergency teams to 301 teams with durable automobiles, 137 with specialized technics and 980 expert personnel is the measure taken in case of malfunctions of the system.

“The maximum load of the CEZ system for the whole Western Bulgaria is 2 220 megawats, registered on January 6th – the first day of the gas crisis”, announced Ivan Kovarzhik, chief executive of the company. He also announced, that up to now the planned repairs of damaged systems is postponed to avoid even more difficult situations.

At the press conference was announced that the load for the region of Sofia has increased by 11,7%.

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