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Interpol approved a Bulgarian programme

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Interpol approved a Bulgarian programme

The Bulgarian delegation at the 77th General Assembly of Interpol which takes place in Sankt Petersburg met Jean-Michel Louboutin, Executive Director of the International Police. The main stress laid on the Bulgarian programme for execution of the I-24/7 plan of Interpol, and Louboutin stated that he had already given his approval on the project and there even were 100 000 Euro granted for it’s realization.

The I-27/7 plan represents exchange of information in real time and electronically between the database of Interpol and the database of the International Police.

‘This is of great importance to Bulgaria since we currently have no access to the Schengen informational system’, said the general commissar of the Ministry of Interior Pavlin Dimitrov.

The I-24/7 plan will reinforce the security of the borders of the EU. This is a system for exchange of information between the countries-members of Interpol for inquired Motor Vehicles, document check, fingerprints and others.

‘We realize how important reliable defence is for the borders of the EU, which is now your assignment, that’s why Bulgaria is a priority in the project’, said Jean-Michel Louboutin.

The organization finances the construction of the system as well as the education of the Bulgarian border policemen how to work with it.