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Ivaila Bakalova decides the fate of VIP Brother 3 stars

Submitted on Tuesday, 28 April 2009No Comment
Ivaila Bakalova decides the fate of VIP Brother 3 stars

The Miss Bulgaria 2001 winner Ivaila Bakalova has the chance to nominate the other participants in VIP Brother 3. After a long struggle between the VIPs this week, the black eyed beauty emerged the winner. She defeated her opponent Sasha Antunovic in the last stage of the competition “To Chicago and back”.

The new competition for the VIP Brother 3 participants included challenges with a Wild West theme. In the first round of the challenges, the VIPs had to try out traditional American football. The team of Sofie Marinova won this game.

In the second competition, the participants had to serve hot dogs on roller blades. The distinctly American dish was prepared by the popular showman Evgeni Minchev. In this round, the team of Sasha Antunovic won.

The thrid round was called “Flying recycling”. The VIPs had to play Superman, who divides trash in the containers it belongs. The duo Ivaila and Sasha won.

The two had to face each other in the last game – plucking feathers. Ivaila defeated Sasha with a result of 6:2 feathers.