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KAT chases the cars with damaged lights

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KAT chases the cars with damaged lights

From 9th to 19th November massive check-ups by KAT will be carried out – for the proper working order of the lights on all cars, and wheter they have their lights on.

These checks are part of the new campaign of the policemen on the road – “Light”.

From November 1st to 9th the preventive part of the campaign will be carried out, during which all drivers can inform themselves for KAT’s requirements and make free technical checks of the lights of their cars.

From November 1st using short lights is imperative, even before nighttime hours. The penalty for breaking this rule is 20 leva, but control points are not taken away.

The aim of the “Light” campaign is to lower the premises for heavy accidents on the road. The “Light” campaign will go on till the end of the winter season, and the check-ups by KAT for lights order will not stop.

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