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Less yachts in Sofia this year

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Less yachts in Sofia this year

Some of the prominent and active brands of the yacht business were absent at this year’s yacht expo. There are no representatives of “Kirov”, who displayed thirty boats of all sorts in 2008.

Visitors in the “Inter Expo Center” will once again see unique machines among the 35 displayed yachts with a length up to 15 metres. The most impressive models in terms of design and speed are the American sport boats Fountain, Donzi and Nor-Tech.

According to engine specifications, these vessels can go up to 300 km. per hour, offering lots of adrenaline for their owners. Their price can go up to half a million euro, depending on the requested luxuries. The cheapest yachts are the Bulgarian “Cadence” – 12 000 euro for a vessel with a length of 5,80 meters.