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Paper from roses represents Bulgaria in 30 countries

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Paper from roses represents Bulgaria in 30 countries

Bulgaria will present itself with hand-crafted paper from roses in 30 countries, informs the “Magazine 8”. The initiative is part of the international project “One world – many papers”. 41 authors from 30 countries of 6 continents will present their homeland with hand-made paper from a plant emblematic for their country.

This unusual “map of the world” will be shown in all 30 countries that participate in the project – among them being Belgium, Italy, England, the US, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan, India.

The paper from roses that will represent Bulgaria is the work of the artist Daniela Todorova, famous for her works in the fields of paper, painting, graphics. To make a single page of the rose paper, you need roses from 15-20 roots.