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Parvanov: The majority vote is a symbol of democracy

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Parvanov: The majority vote is a symbol of democracy

If the opinion of 85% of the Bulgarian citizens that approve the introduction of a majority vote – a proven sociological fact – is called “whimsical”, then call it a whim of the president.”

That was the comment of the Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov on the words of the leader of GERB Boiko Borisov. Borisov said that the majority voting was introduced to appease the president.

The president pointed out that the majority vote was not something made up by him or his team – it’s a principle since the birth of democracy.

“And if Bulgarian political parties, including GERB, couldn’t find their leaders with strong character and intend to place marionettes in the government, then they prove that they haven’t matured to the idea of personality in their campaigns. And it’s exactly campaigns with real personalities that can bring the trust of the Bulgarian citizen in politics”, said the president Parvanov.

According to him, the chances aren’t wasted, but the idea for a majority vote was compromised.

When asked if the chances of parties forming a stable government is harder now, he said that it’s hard to predict that at the moment. “There’s always this possibility when the fighting between parties gets on a personal level – it’s one thing when it’s a battle of ideas and principles, and another when it crosses the personal borders. That makes negotiations harder”, said Parvanov.

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