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Renovation of squares in Sofia

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Renovation of squares in Sofia

The squares in Sofia will be renovated, and the Sofia municipality will take the opinions of citizens on how that should be done, says the architect Liudmil Leonidov, vice-chairman of the municipality’s architectural committee. The project will include the squares “Slaveikov”, “Garibaldi” and “Sveta Nedelia”, including parts of the streets “Rakovski” and “Oborishte”. According to Leonidov, these places are important and it’s best to ask the citizens what would they like to see. That way, the realized project will be liked more and kept better.

The architect participated in a discussion about the future of the book market on “Slaveikov” square. His opinion was, that each European capital must have a square, where people meet – and “Slaveikov” was turned into a marketplace, which needs to change. The discussion was organized by the union of architects and was provoked by the ideas of municipality councillors for a renovation of “Slaveikov”. According to the councillors, the marketplace does not belong in the city center.

According to architect Iskra Dandailova the purpose of the square must be given back to the relaxation of people, and the square must be rid of pavilion clusters. She added, however, that a new suitable spot must be found and offered to book sellers.

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