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Smart tax in old-fashioned vehicle

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Smart tax in old-fashioned vehicle

The price of the ticket in the urban transport in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was increased again 2 months ago. This was due to the increasing price of the fuel.

Now the charging will be improved with an smarter one. The new technology is installed in 450 vehicles and it is financed by the Holland government, which gave 2.5 million euros. The rest 500 thousand euros are from the municipality. The advantages are secure, handy and innovatory service.

Also an user guide was printed to help the citizens operate with the automated system. Despite of this there is no interest among the people and they don’t use it yet.

To use it, you have to buy a smart card which will cost you 2 BGL. After you get on the vehicle you have to go near an yellow card-validator, which is located near every door. The device will draw out 1 BGL from the card. If you don’t have a card or a paper ticket, you have to move yourself to the driver where an automatic machine with coins is located. You can get a ticket from there, but you don’t have to perforate it, because the date and the time of the travel are printed on it. There is one more way to get a ticket – the old well-known perforation mechanism.

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