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The level of unemployment decreases

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The level of unemployment decreases

The level of registered unemployment in 2008 decreased to 6.42% average a month, announced from the Ministry of labour and social politics.

This level of unemployment is below average for the European Union.

For the months up to September 2008, 116 300 vacant job places were submitted to the branches of the “Labour bureau”. The mediators from the bureau visited personally and checked nearly 63 000 employers.

With the assistance of the mediators, nearly 89 000 unemployed people found jobs, thus resulting in a 76.54% assimilation of the vacant places.

From the beginning of the year, the mediators work with people that dropped off from the monthly unemployment benefit programs. By the end of September, jobs have been provided for 3528 such people.

To September, the Labour bureau had organized 19 employment expositions (6 general and 13 specialized). 4610 unemployed people and 379 employers participated in the expositions so far, and 5185 vacant job places have been announced. 4270 people acquired jobs; 1983 of them were registered as unemployed in the Labour bureau.

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