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Today is “Mesni Zagovezni”

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Today is “Mesni Zagovezni”

“Nedelia Mesopusna” is always celebrated on Sunday, eight weeks before Easter. From this day onward, until the end of the Lent – on Easter – meat and related products are strictly forbidden.

The week between “Mesni Zagovezni” and “Sirni Zagovezni” is called “Sirnitsa”, because it’s a preparation for the Lent. The restrictions is lifted only on dairy and egg related meals. Until “Sirni zagovezni”, all marriages must be carried out – during the Lent, and until the Tuesday of “Svetlata sedmitsa” (the Bright Week), marriage is forbidden. “Mesni zagovezni” falls into the category of moving holidays, and thus is celebrated on a different day every year. The Gospel reading on “Mesni zagovezni” reminds of the vision of the Day of Judgement.