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Unique mosaics excavated near Kyustendil

Submitted on Wednesday, 8 October 2008No Comment
Unique mosaics excavated near Kyustendil

After 6 months of excavations in Kyustendil, a team of Bulgarian archaeologists discovered today unique mosaics from Byzantine times. They were tiled once on the floors of official halls in a Byzantine private house and are mainly drawn with geometrical figures.

The chief archaeologist Rumen Spasov said that the names of the home owners were written on the mosaics and so far the team had managed to read the names Diofanes and Diogenia. They probably were among the richest people at the time, added Spasov.

Besides, the finding testifies to the attack of the leader of the Hunnic Empire Attila on these territories.

Rumen Spasov concluded, that this was the first time such artifacts were found on Bulgarian territory.