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“Belene” will produce the cheapest electricity in Bulgaria

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The nuclear power plant “Belene” will produce electricity for half the price of all other power plants when it’s fully functional. That was the prediction of Ivan Atanasov, member of the board of directors of the National electricity company, which he revealed in an interview.

“At the moment, the price of electricity from the nuclear power plant “Kozloduy” is at half the price of the electricity produced at the other power plants. I think this correlation will stay the same when “Belene” becomes functional”, explains he.

According to Atanasov, we also have to take into consideration the carbon dioxide emissions from the power plants. After 2013, these emissions will have to be paid for.

One megawatt of electricity produced by an ordinary power plant is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide emissions in the air, remind energetics experts.

The price of electricity from the ordinary power plants will be arount 40-45 euro after 2013, which is double the current prices of the electricity from these plants.

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