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BG emigrants sent 1,9 billion dollars to Bulgaria per year

Submitted on Monday, 23 February 2009One Comment
BG emigrants sent 1,9 billion dollars to Bulgaria per year

According to data from the World bank cited by the research of Mila Mancheva from the Center of migration analysis, Bulgarian emigrants sent to their homeland nearly 1,9 billion USA dollars in 2007.

Mancheva will present This and other data today at a conference in Kardzhali, which is part of the project “Traveling square – connecting public spaces”. She also points out that according to the data from the World bank, emigrants from everywhere sent to their homelands nearly 318 billion USA dollars in 2007. 38,6 billion of them were sent to countries in Europe and Central Asia.

The 1,9 billion dollars place Bulgaria in the top ten of the countries with highest absolute volume of emigrant money transfers. We rank sixth behind Romania (6,8 billion), Poland (5 billion), Serbia (4,9 billion) and the Russian Federation (4 billion).

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