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Bravo to Bulgaria for keeping it’s cultural heritage

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Bravo to Bulgaria for keeping it’s cultural heritage

Nations and citizens that look after their cultural and historical heritage deserve respect.

Those were the words of the president of Bosnia and Herzegovina NebojЕЎa RadmanoviД‡ during his visit in the museum “Revival and constituent assembly” in Veliko Tarnovo.

“Many treasures that confirm the centuries of struggle of the Bulgarian people for freedom and nationality are present here”, said the preisdent. The mayor of Veliko Tarnovo dr. Rumen Rashev showed him around the historical part of the city.

RadmanoviД‡ mostly commented on the energy summit, in which he participated. “An event like this one will always have a huge impact. The summit is important because it deals with one of the main topics of the modern life. Bulgaria was not a random host of the event – both main gas pipes cross the country, making her the base of gas transit in Europe. All presidents present at the summit in Sofia signed a declaration with conclusions from the meeting.”