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Bulgarian astronomers found seven new asteroids

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Bulgarian astronomers found seven new asteroids

Seven new asteroids were discovered by the specialized expedition of the Bulgarian astronomers in the area “Iundola”, announced the observatory “Star community – A79”.

The center for small bodies in the Solar system, part of the international astronomers union (Harvard, USA) approved and assigned temorary names to the new asteroids.

The celestial bodies are in the Capricorn constellation, and they circle between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter within a period of 3,9 – 5,7 years on Earth. Their diameters are between 0,7 and 1,7 km. One of the asteroids, temporarily named 2009 OW2, belongs to a rare class of objects (the Nysas group), located in the outer rim of the asteroid belt near the Mars orbit.

During the expedition, the Bulgarian astronomers determined the comet-like nature of a new celestial body, located tweleve hours earlier by their American colleagues. Thanks to this discovery the celestial body is now known as a new comet – C/2009 O4 (Hill).

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