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Burgas will renovate it’s main street

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Burgas will renovate it’s main street

“Free movement for the people” may as well be the motto for the new investment program of the municipality of Burgas. The main street in the city, “Alexandrovska”, will be renovated – following the model of Rousse and Plovdiv. The street will remain a pedestrian zone, but will be paved anew; gardens, fountains and benches will be added. Pedestrians will be able to reach the Free university of Burgas from the street through a special subway. These are the ideas that form the basis of the project of the municipality to renovate the central part of the city. Plans for it’s completion are for next year. Right now the central street in Burgas is covered in asphalt, and it’s sides are filled with lime-trees that rival the ones in Stara Zagora.

Other changes are related to the freeing of new parking lots on “Democracy” str., in the section between “Zlatna kotva” and “Chadara”, and on “Tzar Simeon” as well. A committee of specialists on grassing is busy with the new urban planning project. The freed space will be renovated and utilized. The project envisages new parks, complete with long-term grassing and decorative vegetation which will not harm the actual road. A new vision for the “Troikata” square – with fountains and a garden, and an underground parking lot below. In the long-term strategy of the municipality, ten underground parking lots are envisioned. The Burgas administration wants 1000 underground parking spots by 2011.

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