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Kalfin: We aim for economical predictability

Submitted on Sunday, 24 May 2009No Comment
Kalfin: We aim for economical predictability

The main goal of the government is to keep the predictability of the Bulgarian economics to the maximum and keep the stable environment for investments in Bulgaria, commented the vice-prime minister Ivailo Kalfin. This morning, he took part in a business breakfast organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

In the context of the global economical crisis, Kalfin defined as crucial to keep the spending of the national treasury below the income. He added that so far the national treasury has amassed a surpluss of 600 million leva.

According to Kalfin, the Euro should be introduced to Bulgaria when it enters the Eurozone – not before that.

He said that the decrease of the social insurances is risky and advised the next government should sign a contract with the International currency fund to ensure the quick access to financial resources if the need arises.